4 – Mina’s view

This exhibition at the Mofet Gallery, Raanana,  is Jerusalem as witnessed by Seymour through it’s inhabitants and visitors. With a discerning and compassionate eye, he succeeds in capturing and recording a fleeting glance, a moment of intimate conversation or the ever watchful eye of the security guard.

The photography in black and white allows for the concentration on the subject of the photograph without the distraction or confusion often caused by colour.  Seymour excels as an artist who uses the passers-by in the Jerusalem streets like a director conducting his actors in everyday life.

The enthralling compositions that Seymour manages to capture with his camera introduces the spectator into the situation and makes him part of it. His sensitive eye records street musicians, market stall owners, priests and other folk of all shapes, sizes, religions and nationalities.

Seymour’s Jerusalem is presented at this exhibition through the camera lens with a sure hand, sensitivity, love, honesty and is very personal. Together with this we get an overall picture of the rhythms, incidents, characters and atmosphere that  each one connects and associates with the special atmosphere of the city.

Mina Biran,  Exhibition Curator, Jerusalem Day, May 19th, 2004.


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