1 – About

I am Seymour, commonly known in the cybersphere as sey. I am an Industrial and Interior Designer by profession who moonlights in child portrait photography. My life-long passion being Street Photography.
I have been a natural people watcher as far back as I can remember so I suppose this trait is what led me completely naturally and instinctively to my candid people street photography.
I am South African born and educated.  (Johannesburg Acad. of Art & Design).
I am a post-grad. (Bezalel Acad. of Art & Design. Jerusalem) Industrial Designer.
Lived and worked in Paris, France for three years.
Have lived continuously in Israel  for 35+ years.
Father of 2 lovely daughters, the younger, Ariella  lives in Jerusalem. The elder, Tali, is married to Oren and is the mother of my grandsons,  Gal (in Hebrew Gal = wave, but the truth is that he is a tsunami!) and his younger brother Shahar (The Dawn).
I now live in Raanana north of  Tel Aviv, having lived over 30 years in Jerusalem.

This blog is intended to share with you my lifelong observations, thoughts and pet peeves. I will also share with you a little of my people watching and my design.
You are welcome to comment and share your thoughts with us, but abuse will not be acceptable. I would like this to be a light-hearted and friendly place.



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